Daily Dig: Death Team

Death Team are a duo who originate from Stockholm, Sweden. They are signed to Warner Music and they have plenty of original material underneath their belts. Anyways this duo consist of Mayka Edd and Johen Rafael Tilli and they first met in 2014 when they performed at Spotify’s headquarters in Stockholm. Johen was playing in an electro-pop band while Mayka was a house producer and DJ specialising. The pair then bonded and then Death Team were born.

At this moment in time Death Team have released 6 singles and 1 EP. From having listened to their back catalogue I can tell that they are onto a good thing. Death Team consider them to be a cross between Abba and Eminem.

Charli XCX is even a fan, as she’s declared Death Team her favourite Swedish band and given them frequent support on her Beats 1 radio show.

Aside from all of that the moment I heard the latest single Work I immediately was hooked on their sugary brand of rap meets pop. This duo definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

Work: This tune is simply incredible, Work was an upbeat synth pop cut which oozed plenty of sass. Edd’s vocal tones were candy coated and her rap skills were on point. I literally adored this fresh and funky song as those sumptuous lyrics left me well and truly hooked “I don’t wanna Work/ No but all I ever do is Work/ You gotta do your Work/ Babe, babe you gotta do your Work/ I don’t wanna Work/ But everybody gotta Work”. Here is what they had to say regarding this exquisite track “This song is about the feeling when you have to go to work even if you don’t want to. Because if you didn’t you would end up on the street. And you also love to have some money so you can buy stuff that’s on sale. Maybe a nice dress”.

All in all the anthem esque Work is a real blinder and it makes me excited to hear what they have to offer this new year.

Messed Up: October 2016 saw Death Team release this insatiable tune. Now Messed Up was an upbeat jam with super contagious lyrics which packed a fierce punch. Everything about this glorious tune was utter perfection, Mayka’s vocal tones were so sweet and those beats had me hooked from the word go “Open up a bottle, getting messed up again / Where are you, are you getting messed up again?”.

Jump: Death Team have written a right corker here, Jump was an upbeat cut which hit me like a full on force. Mayka’s vocal tones were rather upbeat and this song is definitely club friendly. Just like Work, plenty of sassy vibes oozed from Edd’s delicious vocal tones “You’re so boring/ I wanna throw up/ And you’re so ugly/ I can’t even photoshop/ I’m getting late baby/ I gonna do a shooooow/ You’re still a fake/ You’re a fake/ You’re a fake hoe”. All in all this song can easily have you jumping up and down on the spot, plus there was a brief sample of Babylon Zoo’s 1995 single Spaceman.

Gold: In 2015 Death Team dropped this impeccable tune. Now Gold was a piece of Scandi pop perfection and at the same time Mayka’s delicious vocals reminded me of another Swedish sensation and this being Elliphant. Gold was rather catchy and saw Edd mention about her passion for Gold “And my shoes made of gold/ My pajama made of gold/ My Kanye West made of gold/ All my songs made of gold/ And my pockets filled with gold/ Any my RayBans made of gold/ All my fans made of gold/ My Versace made of gold”. All in all this was a feel good song which uplifted me.

Dolphin Style/ So Fresh: May 2015 saw Death Team drop these 2 tempting tunes. Now this song was pure bliss aided by quirky infectious lyrics “You give me diamonds/ I give you nothing You can’t own me/ I’m like a dolphin/ You give me diamonds/ I give you nothing/ You can’t own me/ I’m like a dolphin/ You give me diamonds/ I give you nothing/ You can’t own me/ I’m like a dolphin/ You give me diamonds/ I give you nothing/ You can’t own me/ I’m like a dolphin/ I’m like a dolphin/ I’m like a dolphin”. I literally loved this number, Dolphin Style can quite easily have you moving on the spot. From watching the trippy music video I can tell they love Dolphins.

So Fresh was a fresh and funky track which reminded me of MØ. Everything about So Fresh was sheer brilliance, the lyrics were uber contagious and Mayka Edd’s sumptuous vocal tones oozed plenty of sass. So Fresh is a summer jam in the making.

F*****g Bitches In The Hood: Now this was the song that saw them rise to prominence and it even topped the iTunes chart in Sweden. Still this fierce number is jam packed with catchy hooks. Mayka’s vocal tones were rather sweet whilst giving off “don’t get on the wrong side of me” vibes.

Shake It Off: Way back in 2014 Death Team released this incredible single. Shake It Off was the duos debut and it’s a right cracker. Shake It Off kicks off with the chorus which hit me like a full on force then it morphs into something well and truly hypnotic. Mayka’s vocals were rather dreamy leaving me compelled from start to end.

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