Daily Dig: Oliver Riot


All the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico are twins Alexander and Benjamin Moore. They are the voices behind Oliver Riot and I must say the material they have out there is simply sublime. Before moving to Los Angeles these brothers spent their youth busking bars, breweries, and street corners, performing gypsy music in the style of Django Reinhardt. Following their move, Oliver Riot took home first place in the Grammy’s annual “Rock The Mic Competition”, showcasing emerging California artists, and were awarded studio time with legendary producer, Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Eddie Money, Metallica, etc).

At the moment they have two releases to their name and these coming in the form of EP’s Hallucinate and Neurosis. Now the debut EP was produced in its entirety by accomplice “Real Miilk” in the back room of a Korean Church. Alexander lived in his van parked outside of the church while creating this record. From just listening to this record it’s plain to see that they both have a passion for music. Consisting of just 5 tunes, the Hallucinate EP is literally a work of art and plenty of silky soulful vibes ooze from the vocal tones. We Popped The Moon kickstarted things off and this was so succulent. This was a laid back tune and those sumptuous vocals were smooth like butter. At first I thought We Popped The Moon was extremely dark because of the line “I’ve relapsed/ I found another way/ Oh, I’ve cracked”. The lyrics had me picturing a toxic relationship that’s come to an end, but the man has a weakness for the girl and instead of trying to get over her he’s relapsed and wants her back. Ivory Black has to be my favourite from this delectable EP. Now I found Ivory Black to be both fresh and funky leaving me utterly enthralled. Plenty of chilled vibes radiated from this beautiful cut. Those vocals were a slice of heaven which left me in a dream like state. Tired And Awake was an extraordinary cut, the delightful vocals were extremely rich plus I could pick up on a folkness to them. I found this hypnotising number to be extremely sweet. The relaxing Hallucination was a piece of perfection, those mellowing lyrics had me hooked and the mellowing melody sent chills up my spine. Things come to a conclusion with the refreshing Alcatraz. As this entrancing song progressed it transformed into something rather upbeat.


December 2016 saw Oliver Riot release the sophomore EP’s title track and this coming in the form of Neurosis. Here is what they had to say about this tune “Neurosis is about regret, wincing away bad decisions, neurotically obsessing over awkward events, and the inability to stop replaying images of fleeting mistakes that can no longer be undone”. Now the vocals were sleek and they reminded me of the likes of Sam Smith and Jack Garratt. All in all this was superb and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

24th January will see the release of the brand new single by Oliver Riot. This being Harder and it’s a real cracker. This song impressed me greatly when I first heard it for the first time. Now the vocals were silky smooth and I literally got lost in the enchanting melody. Harder is actually about a good friend of the duo who tried to commit suicide last year.

This tune makes me anticipate the release of the sophomore EP which is scheduled to be released on 22nd February.

All in all this talented two piece ooze plenty of promise. They are sublime songwriters and I literally cannot wait to hear the brand new EP Neurosis on 22nd February. Oliver Riot have something extremely special and what won me over were the succulent vocals. These soulful vocal tones were ever so relaxing and at the time I was reminded of artists such as Sam Smith, James Blake and Jack Garratt. Alexander and Benjamin are onto a good thing here and I cannot wait for the next installment.

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