Daily Dig: Truly Ford



Way back in 2013 I came across an impeccable female solo artist and this being Truly Ford. Now 22 years old, Ford is set for big things this year. It was actually a nice surprise seeing her on my TV screen whilst watching ITV’s new acquisition The Voice UK. She completely slayed Stereophonic’s Dakota and it was no surprise that Gavin Rossdale and Sir Tom Jones span their chairs round. Truly is team Gavin and I for one wish her all the best.

Now having witnessed Ford perform live, her unique vocals are truly exceptional. I can pick up on folkness to them plus they remind me of the likes of Lana Del Rey, Laura Marling and Florence Welch. Her Blind Audition was simply sublime, her take on Dakota was mind blowing. At the start there’s a smokiness to Ford’s vocal range then when Dakota progressed she threw the kitchen sink at it. When it comes to Auditions you’re given a couple of minutes to impress and she surely did shine. Even the feedback she received from the judges was literally gleaming.

Other than being a singer, Ford is also an incredible songwriter  who has an handful of original material under her belt. She even released the SuperNova EP on 18th November 2013 which compromised of 6 original tracks such as Tigers Eyes, Black Dog, Battle Cry, Gold, Heavy and Live It Up. Plus she has originals such as Killing Bite and Blue Rose. Just hearing Killing Bite leaves me transfixed, there is a smokiness to Truly’s sultry vocals. Killing Bite was a majestical tune which had splendid verses and an upbeat chorus leaving me hooked in the process. As for Blue Rose this original was so captivating, Ford’s vocals were strong reminding me of Lana Del Rey. Truly Ford does have something unique and magical.

Aside from writing her own compositions Truly has the ability to cover songs and make them her own. I myself have witnessed Ford cover the likes of Laura Marling (Rambling Man), Florence And The Machine (Girl With One Eye) and Bastille (Flaws) and she basically owned them. Now on Youtube there are three videos of Truly covering well known songs. First up is Laura Marling’s Rambling Man and this being both refreshing and extremely magical at the same time. The impeccable vocals oozed plenty of smoky folk vibes. Basically this attempt was a slice of heaven and Ford completely owned it.

Last year another cover turned up on YouTube and this being Florence And The Machine’s Ship To Wreck. Now this was a part of the Reload Sessions whom get unsigned artists to cover popular songs. Back to Ship To Wreck, Truly Ford’s vocals were both gorgeous and extremely strong/ powerful at the same time. She literally delivered this with plenty of gusto. Overall Ford’s attempt at this Florence number was extremely impressive.

Back in 2013 Truly Ford covered Iggy Azalea’s song Work. When watching the video below just sitting in awe. Ford has completely reinvented this number and her vocals reminded me of Florence Welch and the rapped parts made me think of Ed Sheeran. Anyhow Truly’s re interpretation was rather sleek and it shows that she can sing anything and make it her own.

Finally Truly Ford is a rough diamond and this is the year she will shine. It’s clear that she is extremely passionate when it comes to singing. I reckon that participating in The Voice will do wonders for her career and she has my full support.



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