Daily Dig: Jaklyn

Recently I’ve been listening to alot of Jaklyn. Currently residing in San Francisco, California Jaklyn is a sassy singer/ songwriter and this year saw the release of debut album That One Girl. Now I’ve heard bits and pieces from that full length and it literally takes my breath away. Jaklyn’s vocals ooze plenty of soul which results in something rather refreshing. Now the album’s title, is a nod to independent women who resist pressures to conform, and her expression ranges from fierce to vulnerable.

For the production, she teamed up with Erik Rico, a versatile, multi-instrumentalist based out of Austin, Texas. Rico has written and produced music for hip hop and soul artists like Jurassic 5, Planet Asia, and Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), and has also made several of his own indie soul albums. They collaborated remotely to form Jaklyn’s 14 songs into an eclectic, dream-like journey of a “grown up girl” navigating through modern society. The album also benefits from tasteful contributions by jazz pianist Kit Taylor, who Jaklyn met while living in her native city, Portland, Oregon.

Anyhow the debut album is literally a masterpiece. Comprising of 13 tracks (+1) interlude That One Girl left me utterly spellbound on my first listen. New Territory was a sleek soulful tune which was extremely pleasant on the ear. Those sumptuous lyrics had me swooning on the spot. Our Imagination was delivered at a fast pace leaving me in a trance at the same time. Syrup was a right spectacle, I found it to be extremely chilled out and the smooth upbeat soulful vocals were sugary sweet. Ally was an ethereal jam and the vocal tones were exquisite. “It’s harder to survive/ Without an Ally”. This tune had been well crafted which resulted in something that left me captivated. You Can was a groovy track which Jaklyn delivered to perfection. Keep Myself Warm was a slice of soulful pop which hit me like a ton of bricks. The succulent vocals were rather refreshing. Now Breezy was a breezy interlude which lasted for just over a minute. Inevitable was a beautiful cut which left me utterly compelled. This number oozed plenty of slick soulful pop vibes and the vocals were ever so gorgeous. Down In Here was a soft steady paced cut which left me completely entranced. Title track That One Girl was extremely upbeat and it was sheer brilliance. My Real Life radiated plenty of jazz vibes which knocked me for six. All Over Again was soul meets r&b. This was a sweet sounding tune which had been perfectly produced. Get Better was an edgy song which packed a punch. This had been well written as those luscious lyrics left me hooked “All I can do is keep trying/ Things are going to Get Better”. Things then come to a close with the spectacle which was Fade Away and this was a whimsical soulful ballad which resulted in the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

Anyways next year will see the release of the Syrup Remix EP and she’s already released the first taster of what to expect on Soundcloud. This fresh sounding remix sees innovative producer duo TRKRNR put an electro-R&B spin on the delectable Syrup from her album That One Girl. The vocals are rather funky and plenty of shimmering synths are oozing from this classy cut.

All in all Jaklyn is one impressive individual who has a host of original material underneath her belt. The debut LP That One Girl was a majestical effort which featured 13 stunning tracks. The ones that stood out for me were Syrup, Inevitable, All Over Again, Keep Myself Warm and Ally. She truly does have a gift for songwriting and I look forward to the sophomore record whenever that may be.

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